Mortgage Lenders

Serving Independent Mortgage Lenders with FHA Audits and Consulting

With the competitive mortgage marketplace and importance of each origination most mortgage bankers include Federal Housing Administration (“FHA”) insured mortgages in their menu of mortgage products.

Our firm is happy to explain the FHA application and annual recertification process and provide quotes to mortgage lenders needing audits for either.  Lenders new to FHA may find out their existing CPA can’t perform the audit for their annual recertification with FHA as a result of the additional, higher standards for such engagements.  With our auditing credentials, years of experience, familiarity with FHA’s rules, and knowledge of FHA’s staff our firm may just be the answer for you.  We currently offer audit services to mortgage bankers throughout Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

We are happy to leverage our knowledge of the industry and put you at ease whether it is with your warehouse line of credit provider, initial FHA application, or annual FHA recertification audit.  Call us today at (540) 459-9000.

Attestation Services

Financial Statement Audits
We provide professional auditing and reporting services including HUD, Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac compliant audited financial statements on behalf of independent, privately-held mortgage bankers.

Agreed-Upon Procedures Audits
We provided Agreed-Upon Procedures when needed for regulatory agencies.

Representation Before Regulatory Bodies
We provide assistance in compiling and organizing information for submission to regulatory agencies, including HUD.

Accounting and Consulting Services

Accounting and Consulting services we provide include:
HUD LEAP submissions
Loan loss reserve reviews and calculations
“Best Efforts” to “Mandatory Delivery” pipeline risk management strategies
Warehouse line pricing reviews and analysis

Assistance with Back-Office Operations

We assist in establishing accounting systems for comprehensive management reporting.

Tax Services

Tax Preparation and Compliance
We provide services to remain compliant with corporate tax returns filings for all jurisdictions.

Tax Due Dates